The company profile

We Etechan International, is a national firm focusing on research and development of the latest smart technologies, creating and providing ultimate tools that improve the society within the sectors of education, health, culture and tourism, governments, lifestyle, smart city, serious games and many other sectors aligning with UAE 2021 smart government vision.


Etechan International was established under H.H. Mohammed bin Rashid Establishment for Small and Medium Enterprises “Dubai SME”, being a national firm focusing on research and development of the latest smart technologies, creating and providing ultimate tools that improve the society in terms of education, health, tourism, lifestyle, smart city and many other sectors aligning with UAE 2021 smart government vision. Our slogan is “ Live Smart ”. eTechan International is located in Dubai Silicon Oasis, IT Plaza building, 4th floor, office 413 with an internal showroom of our developed technologies and solutions.

Currently, Etechan International is owned and managed by UAE Nationals who are well reputed as strong experts and pioneers within international business developments using latest technologies and being a respected member of the H.H. Mohammed bin Rashid Establishment for Small and Medium Enterprises “Dubai SME”. eTechan International as a commercial entity with the independence and capability to expand its development and service offerings to the UAE community.

Etechan International has established trusted partnerships with considerably well-known technology developers in Augmented reality and Beacon development, eTechan International considered the most reputable developers multiplicity of smart technologies for education, health, tourism, smart cities, serious games and English language proficiency. The company always seeks for potential partnerships of technology pioneers in the fields of programming, hardware production, academic and consultancy.

Etechan International’s aim is to work closely with governments, semi-governments, private and public institutions. We strongly collaborate with ministries, health sectors, schools, universities, industrial companies, departments of transportations, airline companies, logistic companies, shopping malls, real estate agencies, construction companies, media companies, individuals and we are passionate to create ideas for any market.

Etechan International sets strong focus on smart technology development providing turnkey solutions for organizations, government services, ministries, education sectors and society that stands in compliance with our customers objectives of “smart” considerations. Our capabilities include providing Augmented Reality and Beacon development, smart devices solutions and consultancy of technological business development, monitoring and ensuring the adoption of the provided solutions.

Etechan International aims to improve the technologies for governments and private entities along with respected customers to come together in order to improve the overall services and operation environment in UAE. eTechan International is the only local UAE company to develop a wide breadth of comprehensive technology developments related to Augmented Reality and Beacon development to all the respective bodies in UAE. This position is going to be further strengthened and supported by additions of new and emerging technologies alongside our strategies.

Etechan International expects to increase the existing technology growth due to various factors such as growth in UAE population volume, introduction of new smart technology providers, subject to smart governments & smart cities.

Etechan International predominantly faces rivalry from many angles: Firstly, being an independent and the only developer of Augmented Reality and Beacon in the region and secondly the production of the hardware in the global market is being challenged by our technologies. Both facts strive to provide a turnkey solution for different customers driven and considered by a unique lead.

Etechan International marketing strategy focuses on different methodologies which are to be reflected & considered as a matching & nonstop effort during the year. Firstly, eTechan International will invest to sustain the technology for all industries to spot eTechan International as the only UAE local developer of Augmented Reality and Beacon in the region. Secondly, we intend to work closely with the UAE government supporting the vision of smart governments 2021. Moreover, eTechan International exclusively provides academic solutions for English Language for all English learners of any level and a satellite-based-tablet which provides a truly end-to-end education solution across the globe.

Etechan International provides solutions & development to the market throughout its teams in the UAE, highly skilled in the fields of Augmented Reality and Beacons, business development, marketing, client relations, training, customer care, technology support, project management and business analysis.

Etechan International now seeks to build on its strengths in technology development and by being the only national developer of smart technologies in the region as an asset and with the requirements to exploit the ample opportunities in the smart technology to create a successful and sustainable business that provides social, business, health, education and economical impetus to the continued growth of the UAE.